Lauren working from the park

Work from: Te Anau, New Zealand

Another work from shot where we share our most recent office location. Some are glamorous and sometimes you’re on a park bench because that’s the closest place to be able to use your spark wifi! Location: Random small park on Town Centre Street, Te Anau, New Zealand Wifi Connection: Pretty poor. Attempting to use a Spark Hotspot, […]

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Freelancing from a Camper Van

One of the best ways to see New Zealand is via campervan. It’s really impossible to take in all the sights and see the beautiful countryside by only visiting a few cities. So if we were going to do New Zealand, it had to be in a camper. Working and freelancing while traveling already presents […]

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freelance honeymoon digital nomad working from library in new zealand

Work from: Stratford Library

Location: Stratford Public Library, Stratford, New Zealand Wifi Connection: Not too bad actually, the libraries in New Zealand have been wifi havens Battery Level: 100% Project: Weekly email update Weather:  22° C Noise Level: Library low Odors: Books Workspace: Library table takeover […]

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