Lauren working from the park

Work from: Te Anau, New Zealand

Another work from shot where we share our most recent office location. Some are glamorous and sometimes you’re on a park bench because that’s the closest place to be able to use your spark wifi! Location: Random small park on Town Centre Street, Te Anau, New Zealand Wifi Connection: Pretty poor. Attempting to use a Spark Hotspot, […]

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freelance honeymoon digital nomad working from library in new zealand

Work from: Stratford Library

Location: Stratford Public Library, Stratford, New Zealand Wifi Connection: Not too bad actually, the libraries in New Zealand have been wifi havens Battery Level: 100% Project: Weekly email update Weather:  22° C Noise Level: Library low Odors: Books Workspace: Library table takeover […]

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Diving the Great Barrier Reef

  The thing I was most excited for in Australia was diving the Great Barrier Reef. There are lots of tour operators and lots of horror stories. Coral bleaching, 8,000 divers all at once, divers left behind etc. We had heard that going to the “outer reef” was a more enjoyable experience, it had yet […]

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Cape Tribulation Beach House

The Cape Trib Beach House is literally located at the end of the road. The mountainous paved two land road up to the top of Queensland ends right at the entrance to The Beach House. We ended up here slightly by accident, we had booked an overnight Daintree Forest tour with a travel agent and […]

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The Overcrowding of Plitvice National Park

When I was planning our trip to Plitvice National Park, one of Croatia’s most highly prized tourist destinations, I imagined frolicking around the park’s incredible pathways, gaping at the beauty around every turn, and quietly enjoying the park’s thousands of waterfalls. Well, there were certainly lots of waterfalls, but that’s about the only part I imagined correctly. […]

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Jumping into Croatian Water

I can’t quite remember when I first started seeing photos of Croatia’s water. Crystal clear waters, tan people showing lots of skin, and gorgeous sunny skies. Photos would pop up in my Instagram feed of people on floaties in turquoise water, or an article would come out about yacht week, with photos of expertly executed […]

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